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Simsim Outstanding Shawarma

Simsim Outstanding Shawarma was established in San Diego, California and founded on the idea that every individual is outstanding and that they should always be treated in an outstanding fashion.

The heart of our business is to provide our guests authentic middle-eastern cuisine in a modern and upbeat atmosphere by focusing on fresh, high-quality, chef-inspired food made from scratch.

We aspire to give our Guests an outstanding and authentic dining experience in a setting that is truly memorable. It is these fundamentals along with our core values that inspires us and sets us apart.

We offer traditionally authentic Shawarma, a friendly and interactive service model and generous portions at an exceptional value. We want to allow our guests to know that they are truly outstanding, unique and different – just like us.

We do not look at ourselves as just a Shawarma restaurant. We started Simsim to be different, daring and inventive. Simsim was founded to stand out from the crowd and change the traditional rules.

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in 2018.



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